About us

positioning startups for success

Startup Suite  is one of a number of COVID-19 responses by Brainverse Technologies. It was an internal projects management system for use with the Brainverse team until COVID-19 hit.  When companies started encouraging their teams to work from home as a result of the government directive, we realized that many other companies would face the same issue of projects management we faced. Moreover, the fact that many startup companies do not have structured digital alternatives for their office operations drove us to built more capabilities to accomodate Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management along side the projects management system.We are now on a journey to educate as many companies as possible on the importance of digitizing their business process, and enabling them through startup suite.Brian Nyagol - CEO, Startup Suite.
Our Vision

To create a secure digital system to allow startup companies to digitize their business processes and effectively manage Work from Home teams.

Our Mission

To inspire, inform and propagate digital migration and business process automation of micro, small and medium enterprises.

Our Goal

Digitize 20,000 micro, small and medium enterprises by the year 2030.

Our team

Our  exemplary team is passionate about creating technologies that empower the Micro, Small & Medium Scale Enterprises. Here are our team members working tirelessly for you