Mental health

Mental Health Awareness During The Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mental health awareness is crucial during this time of uncertainty.

Yay! It is the month of May where we dedicate it to create mental health awareness.

There have been increased cases of mental issues reported in the last year since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mental illnesses like depression, bipolar disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia continue to be rampant in our society. 

The economic crisis posed by the Covid pandemic effects continues to be the leading cause of these illnesses. In addition to the crisis, people lack the mental capacity to tackle these adverse effects posed by Covid-19.

Mental health awareness

Ways to stay mentally healthy despite Covid-19 Related challenges

Acceptance of the changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic

Mental health requires every one of us to accept the fact that the game of life has changed. The way of living has changed and we need to embrace reality. These changes could be ranging from a loss of a job, a loss of loved ones or the fact that we need to downgrade our lifestyles to cope with the financial uncertainties.

Acceptance improves your anxiety and stress level despite how the situation turns out thereafter. Our bodies release the Serotonin hormone that makes us feel calm and confident in our ability to prevail amidst adversity.

Once acceptance is attained, we proceed to the next step:

Adjustment is a step in achieving a healthy mental state

Adjustment calls for adaptation to the new reality by changing your expectations and attitude towards it. Ideally, we possess the power to control how we feel about our situations. Maintaining a positive attitude with gratitude is a great way to control the circumstances at hand.

Focusing on the bigger picture is also a good way to improve mental health. This will motivate you to be more optimistic.

After adjusting to the new reality is it wise to:

Obtain mental sanity by undergoing the advancement stage

Mental health is of paramount importance at this point in life. We have heard the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade. This is a big indicator that however bad your situation is, celebrate your essence.

Every human being possesses the power to use their abilities to work in their favour.

Some of the ways to advance include:

Have a routine 

It is important to have a daily routine of activities that matter to you. Structure them in a way that there will be progress. Besides that, start following the routine today. This will help you build resilience and tenacity towards the circumstances at hand.

Be happy with the little achievements

Celebrate the little milestones achieved because they do count. Always seek to be happy. Be content with your little progress but watch out for complacency spirit.

Exercise as way to improve your mental health

Regular exercise eases muscle and brain tension. Find ways to have activities that are body involving such as workouts, dancing, yoga and other sporting activities. In fact, this is the perfect time to attain that perfect weight and shape.

This could take a few minutes every day, but the benefits are great.

Meditation is a great way to release mind pressure.

Regular breaks

Mental health calls for regular breaks to avoid burnout. It also improves your focus when working. Breaks from work or stressful activities could be a good time to connect with your family and loves ones hence, creating some meaningful bonds.  Creating time for the people you love, gives you a sense of belonging.

Have a confidant and support groups

No man is an island; we all need people as a ladder and support in pursuit of life goals. When things go out of control, we become demoralised. During such moments it is good to have someone we can talk to about it. It could be a best friend, a family member or a mentor.

When it seems to be beyond them, find a specialist such as a therapist, psychologist and any other specialized help.

Forgive a lot and let go of pain where possible

Offenders are all over and sometimes it is difficult to control other people’s annoying actions: choose to forgive. 

When hurt by people choose to let go of the pain. Further, if their offence is punishable by law, report them to appropriate authorities for them to be reprimanded.

In conclusion, one needs to seek good mental health amidst all situations by being flexible and controlling your emotions. Ultimately, life goes on!!!

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Team Productivity

Team Productivity And Ways To Improve It

Team Productivity is the measure of the output of a group working together to accomplish a particular business goal. The success of a business is determined by the strategies laid by the business and the strength of the team that implements them.

The business may find it a challenge to rate its team productivity since close monitoring for remote teams could be hard. More so, business owners tend to find it hard to micromanage those teams.

Below are some of the ways to improve your Team Productivity

1. Company goals should be well defined

Smart goals tend to enable the teams to work effectively. Communicating the business goals to the teams in their frame of understanding, highlighting the benefits to them as individuals and the company at large makes them want to give their best.

Help your employees to understand their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and keep the avenues of communication open when they require clarification. This is possible through regular analysis of their deliverables. 

2. Extension of company office culture to remote spaces.

Culture is an important part of an organization. Building relationships among employees is key in ensuring the working environment is conducive. Periodic face to face meetings for your teams enhances those corporate relationships.

Regular individual evaluations and recognition of employees performing well improves their quality of work delivery. Besides, get the right tools of communication for both formal and informal communication.

Emails remain the popular channel for formal communication while WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook are good for informal engagements.

3. Collaboration tools

Businesses operating remotely should ensure employees can interact just like a normal office. Platforms for the collaboration of colleagues and teams should be adopted to ensure employees do not feel “alone” when working.

In these modern days, a case in point is collaborating using video conferencing tools e.g. Zoom and  Microsoft Teams. The use of management software like Startup Suite ensures better capturing of tasks and record keeping. 

4. Provision of Infrastructure and technology

Companies should provide the tools necessary for their employees to execute their deliverables. These could be tools like computers and internet connection. This will

provide a functional environment for them to get work done. Software should be updated and licenses renewed as regularly.

5. Regular training

A competent workforce requires investments in terms of resources and efforts. It is the duty of the Human Resource (HR) team, head of departments, and supervisors to ensure that the junior employees acquire training on the job.

Regular mentorship should be given to these junior workforces. 

6. Flexibility

Keep your workforce productive by being flexible. Allow employees to work the way they feel is most productive as long as it does not interfere with the team’s output. 

Additionally, provided that employees can keep timelines and deliver the required result then the autonomy of work time should be left in their hands.

Remote Work

Remote Work And Collaboration Within Teams.

Remote work is the new normal for many people. With the Covid-19 pandemic biting through our economies, individuals and companies have been forced to make unprecedented changes to safeguard their livelihoods and ensure that their businesses survive.

While other companies have resorted to minimizing company expenses by laying off their workers, reducing salaries up-to 50%, remote work presents a viable solution to working productively and collaborating with team members.

Startup Suite provides a platform that allows you to digitize and automate your business processes.

Remote Work And Collaboration Within Teams.
Startup Suite HR Module Screenshot

Our HR module allows remote approval of staff requests and tracking of staff attendance as well as monitoring staff productivity levels.

In addition to this, teams are able to collaborate on projects as well as assign tasks to each other and ensure delivery within set timelines. Consolidating your work in one platform has its advantages; something Startup Suite allows you to explore.

Your team is able to visualize company projects and feel part of the team. This visual representation of workflow allows each individual to assess their contribution to projects and ultimately the company.

Remote work brings with it, its own set of challenges. Home for a long time has been that safe place, where you unwind and leave work in the office.

However, with this unprecedented shift towards remote work, the challenge of creating a healthy work-life balance weighs in.

Remote Work And Collaboration Within Teams.
Startup Suite Work Module

You may be spending more time in front of a screen, than you are spending taking care of yourself.  Productivity is great, but 12 hours in front of your laptop is not healthy. 

Learn how to create healthy boundaries with your work devices and find other things to indulge in, that are very different from your work routine. Take breaks to stretch or relax between your long work sessions. This will even rejuvenate you and keep your creative juices flowing.

Our time log feature can be useful in monitoring the hours you spend working on projects and help in planning your day to achieve that healthy balance between your work, and creating time for life.

Going forward, we will explore ways to help you stay productive in an environment set up to make you relax.

“When that Netflix series and your bed are calling,

and you know that voice is more compelling than the task to be done!

If you are like me,

Sleep is life!

But we need to overcome!”

Poem by me.

We will be exploring how to ignore your bed when it calls on the next blog

Till next time folks and family!