Startup Suite enables your entire team to work seamlessly from home or anywhere they are. Digitize and automate your business process and see your company grow faster than you can imagine.

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Built for startups

We have put together the most commonly used business digitization tools by startups around the  the world.

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Manage Staff

Create your office, departments, titles and staff. Enable Leaves, Holidays, Check-in and check-out plus many other features. 


Manage Clients

Seamlessly add Leads and  Clients. Instantly create documents like proposals/estimates, invoices, add payments, expenses.

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Manage Projects

Create projects, milestones, tasks. Visualize projects and their status in real time as it happens.

Kick off in 20Mins

Starting out with Startup Suite is super easy and fast. It will just take 20 minutes of your time.

  • Click the Sign Up button to register your company on Startup Suite. If you have any problems, reach out to our support team via the live chat at the bottom left.
  • Confirm your account by following the link on your welcome email.

It’s time to do some house keeping in your new virtual office. Set your logo, contacts, address and a few other details to start off.

Have a team? It’s easy to add them by inviting them on Startup Suite. They will get an invitation email with a login link.

Test out our client and leads system. Add your first client or lead details.

Create invoices or proposals on the fly and send them just by the click of a button.

Our Impact

We continue to train businesses on the importance of going digital and onboarding them onto Startup Suite. Our efforts are spread all over Kenya, but are concentrated in Nyanza Region, Kenya. Our first initiative took off in Homa Bay, where Startup Suite is headquartered. 

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Impacted Through Training
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Case Studies
Startup Suite introduced to us what machines are meant to do for human beings-make work easy. As we focused on our growth, we forgot some details which paradoxically, were key to our growth. Startup Suite helped us put our house in order, literally. All our record keeping become more synchronized and our team more coordinated. From HR functions, finance needs, customer follow ups, Startup Suite will truly sort you out. Not to mention the affordability, considering that it is made by A Startup for Startups. Forever joyful.
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